Our school will be joining the majority of primary schools across the state who are emailing Student Summative Student reports to parents.  Parents will receive a link to their child/rens Summative Report that will allow you to save an electronic copy of the Report to any device of your choice, making the 2018 Summative Report available on demand for you and your extended family. 

To ensure you receive your child/rens Summative Reports at the same time as your friends and peers, please make sure that we have your current email address linked to your child/rens information on our school Student Information System.  Email tuarthill.ps@education.wa.edu.au with any critical changes that the School needs to know; thank you.

While my experience has been that many people adore having an electronic copy of their child/rens summative reports that they can download and print as many times as they wish, should you like me to provide a hard copy of your child/rens Summative Report please let me know via email when I send you the link, and I will ensure that the hard copy is passed to your child when the time comes.

Our school plans to distribute the 2018 Semester Two Summative Reports to parents by close of business Friday 7 December 2018.  This allows parents and carers a weekend to read through the Report, and you have a week to ask your class teacher, the specialist teachers or me to clarify any grade or comment. 

Our teachers hope that parents will welcome this initiative to distribute Summative Reports a little earlier to allow for interviews if required and celebrations of superb student achievement.