Attendance/School Hours

School commences at 8.40am.  Please note that your child should not arrive prior to 8.15am. For arrivals between 8.15am and 8.30am, all students must congregate in the Hall.

For 2018, the following times will apply for all Year 1 – 6 students:

  • Start of School: 8.40am
  • Morning Recess: 10.40am to 11.00am
  • Lunch: 1.00pm to 1.40pm
  • School finish: 2.50pm

The lunch time change will allow for more consistency with session lengths in the morning.  Note there is no change to school start or finish times, or morning recess time.

Kindergarten and Pre Primary students lunch break will be 12.30pm to 1.00pm.

We encourage you to assist your child by being punctual. Any student arriving after 8.40am must obtain a late pass from the Administration Office.

Punctuality at the end of the day is also very important.  Children do get stressed if parents are late to pick them up and teachers need this time to prepare for the next day. If you are delayed please ensure you call the Administration Office on 9349 1799 as soon as possible.


Being late occasionally is part of life in our busy lives – everyone understands this!  🙂

However, habitual lateness causes a lot of problems for everyone. At our school, like all schools, we are bound by the Education Act (1999) to record late arrival to class and the reason for it.  This applies to all students from Kindy to Year 6. This inconveniences our staff and students in many ways – and it interrupts and takes time away from our focus on education.  Children like to have a happy, smooth start to their day – and being on time positively supports their learning.

Let’s all work together to be on time:

  • Set the alarm a few minutes earlier 🙂 
  • Let the children enjoy the fun times in the hall before 8:30am 🙂 
  • Be prepared to wait for a late pass if the bell has gone and your child is not in class – being on time saves time 🙂 
  • Have your reason ready to give to the front office staff – with a smile 🙂 


Please click here to read more about Education Department policy.

Changing schools: Extra days off between changing schools

Moving between schools can be an opportune time for a “little break” from school but getting students quickly to their new school is very important so that learning is not missed and new routines and friendships are established quickly.  Regardless of how many schools are attended, student data is tracked by the Department of Education every day and these absences remain on student records until they leave in Year 12.  Make the move quickly to benefit your children!


Extended vacation time or not returning in 2018?

If your child will not be commencing school on 31 January 2018 due to a vacation, please notify the office in writing prior to your last day 2017.

If your child is not returning to Tuart Hill Primary School next year, please advise the following information in writing to the front office as soon as possible:

  • Child’s name, current year and room number
  • Reason for not returning in 2018
  • The name of the school your child will be attending in 2018 (if known)

Or click here to access a form which can be completed and returned to the front office.


At Tuart Hill Primary we prefer a phone call to the front office advising staff of the reason for your child’s absence. Please phone 9349 1799 if you wish to speak to an Administration staff member or SMS 0417 931 262 to send a text message prior to 11am.

For further information, click on the following link to view our Student Attendance flyer and the responsibilities of Parents and Caregivers:  Tuart Hill Attendance Brochure for Parents


Every Day Counts!
Education for your child is important and regular attendance at school is essential for your child to achieve their educational best and increase their career and life options. Western Australian public schools work in partnership with parents to encourage and support regular attendance of children and young people. When your child attends school every day, learning becomes easier and your child will build and maintain friendships with other children.
At Tuart Hill Primary School we are striving to increase the attendance of all students to make sure we can provide them with every opportunity to succeed. 
The Telethon Institute for Child Health Research report, Student Attendance and Educational Outcomes; Every Day Counts on Western Australian students clearly shows that every day counts in terms of a student’s achievement and that those students who miss any school have reduced academic outcomes compared with those who attend regularly.
  • The impact of absence on achievement is greatest for students who are already at educational disadvantage.
  • Unauthorised absences have a greater negative impact on student achievement than authorised absences.
  • Being half an hour late to school each day from Year 1 to Year 10 is approximately equivalent to missing one year of schooling.
  • A student who is absent 1 day a fortnight will, by Year 9, have missed 1 year of schooling.
  • The negative effect of absence on achievement is cumulative over the course of a student’s attendance career.

Developing the habit of going to school every day is vitally important for children to develop important ideas, concepts, knowledge and skills for future independent learning. In the early years many concepts, such as literacy and numeracy, are taught in a particular sequence. Attending school daily builds a solid knowledge and skills base for each phase of learning, and it is very difficult to catch up what has been missed due to absence.

Refer to the table below which shows the impact of missing school over varying periods of absence:

Period of Absence
(Years 1-10)

Rate of Attendance

Equivalent School Missed

Level of Educational Risk

Average of 5 Days per term


1 Year

Classified as regular attendance (but not ideal)

Average of 1.5 days per fortnight


1.5 Years

Classified as being at Indicated Risk

1 Day per week


2 Years

Indicated At-Risk

1.5 Days per week


3 Years

Moderate Risk

2 Days per week


4 Years

Moderate Risk

3 Days per week


6 years

Severe Risk

5 Weeks per term


5 Years

Severe Risk



Attendance is excellent and conducive to best academic results


Attendance is classified as being REGULAR


Attendance is classified as being at INDICATED RISK


Attendance is classified as being at MODERATE RISK


Attendance is classified as being at SEVERE RISK