The progress and achievement quadrant graphs show the results of our stable cohort (students who have been tested in year 3 and again in year 5). Achievement in Reading, Numeracy and Writing is still high in comparison to like schools. However the data indicates a slight reduction in student achievement when compared to the 2014 results. The reduction has been analysed by staff and planning put in place to support students to address the areas identified.

There has also been a small increase in student progress in Writing, Numeracy, Grammar and Punctuation and Spelling over the corresponding time frame.


naplan_prgrAchv_chart 2013 naplan_prgrAchv_chart

Please click on the link to view a video explaining how to read your child’s NAPLAN report:  How to Read the NAPLAN Report


Below is a PowerPoint presentation which was presented at the recent board meeting, analysing the data from the NAPLAN testing.  Please wait a few moments for this presentation to load.